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Fact Sheets on HP2C

Two fact sheets presents the HP2C initiative and its projects.

Operational COSMO Demonstrator (OPCODE)

It is the aim of this project to leverage the research results of the ongoing HP2C COSMO project and apply them on a co-­‐designed demonstrator implementation of the production environment of MeteoSwiss making aggressive use of GPU technology. In addition to a successful completion of the HP2C COSMO project, two main areas still require significant development in order to achieve this goal. First, several parts of the model code have not been considered in the HP2C COSMO project or still need to be consolidated for a full GPU implementation. Second, for a operational implementation of the COSMO model, the full time-­‐critical part of the production workflow needs to be adapted and tuned to the demonstrator implementation. For these two work packages, additional funding is requested.

If successful, the resulting demonstrator would represent the first full GPU implementation of a full numerical weather prediction and regional climate model encompassing all parts of the code which are necessary in an operational production environment. The demonstrator will have a reduced power consumption and price as compared to the typically employed hardware, and thus potentially drastically reduce the total cost of ownership. As a result, we expect a direct impact on future procurements of HPC hardware in Switzerland, but also an impact on an international level and a high visibility of the HP2C initiative through the presentation of the key achievements in the established international networks.

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Oliver Fuhrer, Federal Department of Meteorology and Climatology


  • Dr. Isabelle Bey, C2SM & ETH Zurich (Co-PI)
  • Dr. Daniel Leuenberger, MeteoSwiss (Co-PI)
  • Dr. Philippe Steine, MeteoSwiss (Co-PI)
  • Dr. André Walser, MeteoSwiss (Co-PI)