HP2C is closed

The content of these web pages will not be updated anymore.

Fact Sheets on HP2C

Two fact sheets presents the HP2C initiative and its projects.


The following projects are currently supported by hp2c:

  • BigDFT - Large scale Density Functional Electronic Structure Calculations in a Systematic Wavelet Basis Set; Prof. Stefan Goedecker, University of Basel
  • Cardiovascular - HPC for Cardiovascular System Simulations; Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, EPF Lausanne
  • COSMO-CCLM - Regional Climate and Weather Modeling on the Next Generations High-Performance Computers: Towards Cloud-Resolving Simulations; Dr. Isabelle Bey, ETH Zurich
  • Cosmology - Computational Cosmology on the Petascale; Prof. George Lake, Uni Zürich
  • CP2K - New Frontiers in ab initio Molecular Dynamics; Prof. Juerg Hutter, Uni Zürich
  • Ear Modeling - Numerical Modeling of the Ear: Towards the Building of new Hearing Devices; Prof. Bastien Chopard, University of Geneva
  • Gyrokinetic - Advanced Gyrokinetic Numerical Simulations of Turbulence in Fusion Plasmas; Prof. Laurent Villard, EPF Lausanne
  • MAQUIS - Modern Algorithms for Quantum Interacting Systems; Prof. Thierry Giamarchi, University of Geneva
  • Neanderthal Extinction - Individual-based Modeling of Humans under climate Stress; Prof. C. P. E. Zollikofer, University of Zurich
  • Petaquake - Large-Scale Parallel Nonlinear Optimization for High Resolution 3D-Seismic Imaging; Prof. Olaf Schenk, Uni Basel
  • Selectome - Selectome, looking for Darwinian Evolution in the Tree of Life; Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi, University of Lausanne
  • Supernova - Productive 3D Models of Stellar Explosions; Prof. Matthias Liebendörfer, University of Basel