Monday 16. of July 2012 Call for HPC Community Network Development Projects

Call for preparatory activities for the establishment of community networks.

Monday 02. of April 2012 Solving the Mystery of Neanderthal Man on the Supercomputer

Around 15,000 years after modern humans, Homo sapiens, came to Europe, Homo neanderthalensis disappeared for good. Now the supercomputer is to assess which of the current hypotheses can explain their extinction.

Thursday 19. of January 2012 Programming GPU Devices Using OpenACC Directives on the Cray XK6 Platform, 6-7 March

The HP2C workshop will be hosted by CSCS on March 6-7, 2012.

Friday 28. of October 2011 Workshop "Exploiting Modern High Performance Architectures with Barnes-Hut Tree Codes"

The HP2C workshop will be hosted by USI on Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

Thursday 31. of March 2011 Workshop «Parallel-in-Time Integration Schemes»

USI annouces a workshop on «Parallel-in-time Integration Schemes» for Friday, June 3 2011.

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